Black Mamba Hyperrush by Innovative | Fat Burner


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Black Mamba Hyper Rush By Innovative Laboratories - 90 Caps - Fat Burner

The Most Potent, The Most Vicious, The Most Intense, HARDCORE Stack EVER!

IT’S HARDCORE! The Black Mamba is without a question, the most powerful hardcore energizer/weight management product on the market today. While other fat burners require you to take 4 to 6 pills to feel even a slight effect… Black Mamba is so strong, with its custom blends of PEA and Ephedra extracts, that all you need to take is ONE and you’ll be AMPED-UP to the max and burning off body fat like you never have before! Even hardcore ephedrine junkies who were consuming mega dosages of their beloved ECA stacks per day, consider the effects of this product beyond extreme!

How to Take Innovative Laboratories Hyper Rush:

As a dietary supplement, take one capsule of Black Mamba Fat Burner after breakfast. Do not take more than three capsules per day. Do not take for more than 8 weeks without taking 2 weeks off for maximum results.